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Cabinet Storage

Squeeze every inch of opportunity out of your cabinet interiors

Your new room should do more than look good – it should also enhance your life. Starting with the full-access, frameless construction of Kitchen Craft's European style cabinets, we offer a multitude of organization options and storage cabinets that bring ease to your life everyday. From silverware to supplies, paper trails to mixing bowls, it's all right there. Why struggle to find what you need when you can have everything you want right at your fingertips?

Organizing your kitchen is #1

In a study conducted by Scout Survey (4th Quarter, 2004), the kitchen/pantry area was ranked first for "importance of organizational state." Our ingenious kitchen storage cabinets help you get rid of those cluttered pantries and dark corners in your home, with options like:

Concealed Trash Bins & Hampers

cabinet interiors

Mornings can be stressful. As everyone rushes to prepare for the day ahead, bring ease and organization to your bathroom with concealed trash bins, hamper units and drawer dividers for make up and other toiletries.

Office Storage

office cabinet interiors

Whether an extension of your kitchen or a dedicated room, office space is integral to nearly every contemporary home. Our components let you design a workspace for one or more, with features such as desks, filing solutions, book cases and built in options in a full range of door style, wood and finish selections.

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